Safety is the foundation of our culture

At Winston Plywood & Veneer, safety is non-negotiable. It is the number one condition for employment – period! We share a moral obligation to create a safe work environment, and have no tolerance for unsafe acts and reckless behavior in the workplace.

We always put safety first

  • We firmly believe that individuals are accountable for their safety and the safety of others
  • We are convinced that safety awareness starts with a commitment from team members and is reinforced through the actions of the company and its leaders
  • We will timely investigate and communicate to team members all unsafe acts, regardless of their severity, since this is crucial in driving safety improvement and promoting a culture of safety

All Incidents are preventable

  • We believe everyone can – and must – finish each day safely and in good health
  • We will relentlessly pursue and aggressively monitor actions to eliminate unsafe conditions
  • We strongly believe that improving safety is an ongoing responsibility of all our team members

The company and its leaders are responsible for creating a safe work place

  • We will demonstrate our personal commitment to a safe work place and the health of all team members and contractors
  • We are accountable and responsible to manage risk and ensure that any unsafe conditions are addressed
  • We will encourage team members to be actively involved with all safety activities in the plant including the safety committee

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